Thora Finnsdottir

Creation is at the very core of Thora Finnsdottir’s being, she even considers it as important as breathing. Clay has always been her medium to tell stories through form and structures. Her fascination lies in its connection to history while also being a very contemporary means of expression. Thora constantly explores new techniques with clay and the result is a very immaculate craftsmanship with great attention to detail.
Thora Finnsdottir has her roots in Iceland and currently lives in Copenhagen where she also graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Design in 2009. Her artistry often explores the contrasts between nature and civilization and draws inspiration from the shapes and growth that occurs in nature. The artworks have the ambition of encapsulating the image, feeling and memories of being in nature into an object. 
                                                                                                  – Gallery The Ode To

Finurlig Keramik