Design Collaborations

Thora Finnsdottir is working with several well known brands within Danish design

Kähler/Rosendahl - Christmas tale design collaboration

2022 - On-going Christmas  themed collaboration named Christmas Tales. 

Thora Finnsdottir is known for original Scandinavian design, which reflects in the most beautiful way that she finds inspiration in the forms of her everyday life and adds her own unique style to them. She graduated from Denmark's Design School in 2009 and works daily in her workshop in Kunstnerhuset in Frederiksværk. Her Icelandic background does not deny itself and means that Thora Finnsdottir is often inspired by her homeland's great contrasts – the meeting between nature and civilization, old and new.

Her designs are based on existing everyday objects, the shape and structure of which she plays with, so that a new idiom emerges. This strong interweaving of tradition and innovation is clearly expressed in the Christmas Tales series, a series of evocative ceramic figurines directly inspired by the Nordic nature and executed in Kähler's famous handmade quality.

Each and every ceramic Christmas story from Thora Finnsdottir's hand carries an authentic message about Christmas and reflects her experimental and investigative approach to form and narrative, where she draws on stories and traditions of Kähler's art and design. In the series Christmas Tales, Thora Finnsdottir creates the structures and forms of nature with her usual curiosity through direct casts of mushrooms, cones and tree stumps, which she then gives new life through the ceramics, Thora Finnsdottir's work for Kähler has also given us the Stella series, which includes a tealight holder and a window pendant, where the movements of the light create a playful expression and create beautiful shadows on the table or on the windowsill. The thin ceramic material takes on an almost transparent look when the candles spread their warm and cozy glow. Both series are clear evidence of Thora Finnsdottir's ability to design Christmas universes that bring joy and mood-creating figures into a magical Christmas time and at the same time are part of the adventure of Kähler's handmade design traditions, which since its foundation in 1839 have been characterized by classic handmade ceramics.

Currently the following pieces are for sale, in Inspiration, Bahne, Imerco, Kop og Kande etc. More are added each year.

Georg Jensen Damask

In 2014 Georg Jensen Damask approached me for a collaboration on a new Christmas table cloth. This is a huge honor to be part of as it is a long and very famous tradition in Denmark.  It was a long project and ended with a beautiful table cloth with big stars and lines. 

When working with any project I work with something I call unconscious recognition. I work from patterns, structures and objects that already exist. That way, there is always something historical in what I work with, which I then transform and process in different ways.

When I work like that, I get a story that I can’t control. It is a collaboration between me and history. I often say that it is a process where I explore and discover old patterns and forms.

I work with ceramics and with our entire design history as humans – that is, how we give shape to things and use different patterns from nature, which we develop and process and multiply.

I always collect patterns and figures in the various things I come across. When I was asked for the assignment for Georg Jensen Damask, I delved into all my things and thought about what inspires me and looked for a pattern I could envision on a tablecloth.

 The background pattern originates from an old and much more complicated and detailed pattern. I have selected various details and three lines, which actually make up the background of the tablecloth. The pattern for the star also comes from ground glass. In this way, the two expressions fit together very well.

I have thought that it should be a tablecloth that is different, but at the same time has a classic feel to it, so that it can blend into our existing Christmas traditions without being terribly different.

I have thought a lot about the context in which the tablecloth should fit in. I know that it means a lot – that there are many emotions involved, it is tradition and something that you inherit and pass on.

It has been incredibly exciting to get an insight into the technique and craftsmanship of the weaving and to discover how beautiful damask is. It has been very rewarding to see what the pattern can contribute to damask and what the damask contributes to the expression of the pattern.

You can see the beautiful table cloth here in this video:




Thora Finnsdottir is founder of Finsdottir ceramic tales – now Dottir Nordic design 2009. She worked as the creative director and designer until 2019.