Art projects by Thora Finnsdottir

Brick Art installation at Melby school 2022 (Denmark)

2022 – A collaboration with the local art council and a local school with bricklayer apprentices from U/Nord in Hillerød.  A Major Brick Art installation was build with traditional Danish bricks with a selection of glazes in Thoras signature pastel colors.

Himmelstorm 2022 (Music and Art festival in Dyssekilde Eco-village)

The festival is an intimate festival located in the Dyssekilde eco-village. Its a family friendly festival with music, dance, theatre, acrobatics, circus, arts and workshops.

THORA FINNSDOTTIR & MONICA ROSENVILLE Have been part of the setup since Himmelstorm saw the light of day and are of course helping to create art on the square for the last festival. As always, they create works that pique your curiosity and encourage play and involvement. “As always, we work with recycling, shapes and colors and we look forward to seeing how the festival participants will use our works this year”


DesignMarch 2022

Exhibition ” shapes and shaped” in the Nordic House in Reykjavik 

DesignMarch brings together participants and guests with progressive design and innovation. The festival heralds new and surprising approaches and is a vibrant platform for ideas, diverse perspectives and knowledge driving force that enriches and enhances society.

The exhibition is called “shapes and shaped – dialog with Iceland nature” is perfect for Thoras background and style. She writes:

A search for dialogue between shapes in nature and shaped design initiated by raw material from Icelandic nature.

Through imprints of lava, basalt stone and sandstone surfaces I examine a selection of structures and shapes. As a Danish-Icelandic designer I am curious about the unique Icelandic natural elements and have a desire to communicate these specific aspects to other people. By working with and in the Icelandic nature I investigate a feeling of deep connection and belonging to Iceland.

My creations are partly stone imprints made on-site, partly sculptures inspired by the landscape and organic shapes in Icelandic nature. In the sculptures I process the impressions and search for a story within the material.

Thora Finnsdottir